Patriot Boot Camp, A Google For Startups Partner, Joins Forces With Bonsai To Help The Military Community Connect With Top Entrepreneurs And Executives


Patriot Boot Camp - a nonprofit that helps thousands of military members, veterans, and spouses start and scale their businesses - has partnered with Bonsai - a platform for career advice powered by 1:1 video meetings. 

Jen Pilcher, CEO of Patriot Boot Camp, herself, is an alumnus of the program’s class of 2013, and has searched for years for a new way to unlock career coaching at scale. "Human-to-human connection has been the cornerstone of Patriot Boot Camp since its inception in 2012,” said Jen."We have been on the search for a solution to provide our community members with year-round career and business advice from industry experts, and we finally found it with Bonsai." 

The Bonsai platform was introduced to Patriot Boot Camp through its partnership with Google for Startups, a team within Google that recently sponsored PBC’s two-day entrepreneurship boot camp."We're proud to have played a connecting role between our partner and Bonsai," said Nicole Froker, Partnerships Manager with Google for Startups."At Google, we know that cultivating a strong network of trusted advisors and industry professionals is crucial to a startup's success, so we are thrilled to see this partnership come to life." 

Bonsai was started by CEO, Patrick Sullivan - the founder RightsFlow (acquired by Google in 2011) and Source3 (acquired by Facebook in 2017) - and COO, Jake Rosenfeld. The platform matches “learners” building careers and new companies with “coaches” who are industry experts, executives, and entrepreneurs over 1:1 video meetings rooted in career and business advice. 

To make Bonsai as accessible as possible, learners are invited to “pay what they wish” in exchange for personal meetings with coaches such as Founder of The Orchard, Richard Gottehrer, former Facebook executive, Ellen Silver, and Founder of Google Drive, Jonathan Rochelle. 

"When it comes to successfully building a career or new venture, it’s not just about what you know, but who you know. Bonsai bridges the gap and connects those in need with leaders across business and entrepreneurship," said Rosenfeld. “We hope this partnership will motivate members of the military community to find ways, even in today’s virtual world, to network and grow professionally.

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Patriot Boot Camp RISE 2021 presented by MetLife


Patriot Boot Camp (PBC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit technology startup program exclusively aimed at active duty service members, veterans, and military spouse entrepreneurs, announced it will be hosting PBC RISE May 5-6, 2021, virtually with the presenting sponsor, MetLife Foundation.  PBC RISE is a program specifically designed for Patriot Boot Camp alumni who have completed an initial Patriot Boot Camp 3-day program or virtual program.  MetLife Foundation contributed a grant to support the program that equips, inspires, and empowers the veteran and military spouse entrepreneur community to accelerate their businesses and be successful in life.   

“MetLife is proud to once again support and co-host the Patriot Boot Camp RISE program,” said William Tenney, senior vice president, Global Corporate Security, MetLife. “In line with our purpose, MetLife has a long history of helping veterans and their families so they have the benefits and care they need. As a veteran myself, I’m proud to continue this commitment and honor those who serve our country.”

Entrepreneurs, investors, venture capital firms, and business leaders from around the globe will converge for this virtual event. PBC has a longstanding relationship with MetLife Foundation and is grateful for its ongoing support. Patriot Boot Camp has helped over 1000 entrepreneurs start successful businesses, with their alumni raising over $150M in capital and creating over 1,900 jobs during its nine years of operation. 

Patriot Boot Camp is proud of all of the amazing companies accepted to PBC RISE.  These companies are leading the new economy through technology innovations.  Matt Butler, Founder of Rollers, Betsey Mercado, Co-founder of Objective Zero Foundation, and Ishmael Lebron, Founder of Zomio, are just a few of our alumni that are blazing a trail for veteran and military spouse entrepreneurs.  Collectively, they have generated over $4.95 million. 

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Remember to Always Keep the Door Open


How did I get my first “big” client?

When I first started my company, MilitaryOneClick, in 2012, my goal was to work with large corporations supporting our military and veteran families with employment, moving resources, discounts, etc. These companies needed an outlet to share their opportunities with millions of people, and MilitaryOneClick was the solution. After a few months of the site being live, I naively thought that one of these large companies would see our website, call me, tell me how awesome we were, and send us a big check to work with us. Sound familiar?  When that didn’t happen, I needed to figure out a new plan to generate revenue quickly. 

What was I doing wrong?  I was waiting for the paying customer to find us.  

What do you do when they don't show up?  Go home or go hunting?

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Remote Resources to the Rescue


Tips and tools for helping your team transition to remote work

As the world enters the reality of remote work, there are many people who have been doing this successfully for years. More than two-thirds of people around the world work away from the office at least once every week, according to a study released by Zug, a Switzerland-based service office provider.  IWG found that 70 percent of professionals work remotely — a phenomenon known as telecommuting — at least one day a week, while 53 percent work remotely for at least half of the week.

But what if you have never worked remotely or you are in charge of now setting up your entire office and employees to work from home?  We are here to help. 

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Year Two of Entrepreneurship


The Terrible Twos of Entrepreneurship

I often explain entrepreneurship in terms of becoming a parent to a newborn baby. When you first decide to launch your business, you are in a completely optimistic and excitable state. Then when you have a baby, you are still excited, however, now more exhausted than you have ever been in your life.

During the first year, you are telling everyone about your new business, showing off your new business, and believing that your business will be completely running on its own (potty trained) by the end of the first year.  You have created the first-ever Super Baby.  

As your baby enters its first year of life, and your baby isn’t “walking on time”, “talking on time” or “pooping on time”, you learn quickly that nothing happens as you had planned for your business.  Things get tremendously harder, busier and you are always up to your eyeballs in baby sh**. But when someone on the outside asks you, “How is it going?” You always reply with a huge smile, “It’s the best thing I ever did.” 


When your business enters the second year of life or - the terrible twos - the optimistic, blissful, naïve stage morphs into something that looks like a baby dressed in a Rambo costume with a super-sized baby diaper.  

The first-ever “super baby” is now blowing up everything in its path and crying at such a piercing level that dogs in other neighborhoods can hear it.  And this supposed “super-baby” is still not potty trained and sh***ing all over you - every time you turn around. Most of the people who offered to help you, in the beginning, have now run for the hills. 

You are alone with “super-baby” and it just threw up all over you - again.  But you still love “super-baby” - you just don’t like “super-baby” that much right now. 

The terrible twos are a significant time for your business because your baby is now starting to grow and explore, yet still needs constant feeding and attention from you. It’s exhausting. This period is a major milestone, and if you make it through the terrible twos, you are on your way to the glorious threes.  It’s called pre-school!

In year three, many entrepreneurs can now start hiring help.  What a glorious stage! Someone else can finally help feed and change “super-baby” Rambo sized diapers. Congratulations - you are on your way.  

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