Year Two of Entrepreneurship



The Terrible Twos of Entrepreneurship

I often explain entrepreneurship in terms of becoming a parent to a newborn baby. When you first decide to launch your business, you are in a completely optimistic and excitable state. Then when you have a baby, you are still excited, however, now more exhausted than you have ever been in your life.

During the first year, you are telling everyone about your new business, showing off your new business, and believing that your business will be completely running on its own (potty trained) by the end of the first year.  You have created the first-ever Super Baby.  

As your baby enters its first year of life, and your baby isn’t “walking on time”, “talking on time” or “pooping on time”, you learn quickly that nothing happens as you had planned for your business.  Things get tremendously harder, busier and you are always up to your eyeballs in baby sh**. But when someone on the outside asks you, “How is it going?” You always reply with a huge smile, “It’s the best thing I ever did.” 


When your business enters the second year of life or - the terrible twos - the optimistic, blissful, naïve stage morphs into something that looks like a baby dressed in a Rambo costume with a super-sized baby diaper.  

The first-ever “super baby” is now blowing up everything in its path and crying at such a piercing level that dogs in other neighborhoods can hear it.  And this supposed “super-baby” is still not potty trained and sh***ing all over you - every time you turn around. Most of the people who offered to help you, in the beginning, have now run for the hills. 

You are alone with “super-baby” and it just threw up all over you - again.  But you still love “super-baby” - you just don’t like “super-baby” that much right now. 

The terrible twos are a significant time for your business because your baby is now starting to grow and explore, yet still needs constant feeding and attention from you. It’s exhausting. This period is a major milestone, and if you make it through the terrible twos, you are on your way to the glorious threes.  It’s called pre-school!

In year three, many entrepreneurs can now start hiring help.  What a glorious stage! Someone else can finally help feed and change “super-baby” Rambo sized diapers. Congratulations - you are on your way.