Remote Tools to the Rescue



Tools for helping your team transition to remote work

  1. Google - G Suite - Google recently announced big updates for free if you are currently using the G Suite of products.
  2. YouTube - easy way to engage with your community and keep it for evergreen content.
  3. Calendly - a paid enhancement to your work calendar that allows people to schedule meetings without the constant back and forth. This is a miracle tool with time-saving emails.
  4. Slack - we LOVE Slack.  We have many channels set up to keep things organized, but we utilize our team Slack constantly throughout the day. This has eliminated the need for thousands of team-related emails.  
  5. DocuSign - because the FAX machine is headed to the Smithsonian Museum as a relic of the past, and my scanner is always on the fritz, we started using DocuSign and it’s awesome!!  Don’t delay - DocuSign.
  6. Gusto - for all of our remote team employment needs.  We also love their fun messages like Hooray - you got paid today!  They understand the virtual world of work and are extremely user-friendly. 
  7. Intuit (Quickbooks) - whether you work remotely or not, you probably have Intuit, but worth mentioning if you are looking for a product that is very user friendly.  
  8. Hubspot - CRM - this takes care of our newsletters, social media schedules, blogs, and we run our entire 1000+ entrepreneur database through Hubspot.  We also use this for our Boot Camp applications, speaker and mentor RSVP forms and so much more. The functionality is incredible and Danya on our team is the Hubspot expert.  
  9. Hopin - Hopin is the first all-in-one live online events platform where attendees can learn, interact, and connect with people from anywhere in the world.
  10. Canva - design anything.  Publish anywhere.

Keep growing, 

Jen Pilcher, CEO

Patriot Boot Camp