PBC RISE 2021 presented by MetLife Pitch Winners

Patriot Boot Camp and presenting sponsor, Metlife Foundation, brought 21 of the top Patriot Boot Camp entrepreneurs together for a virtual 2-day program.  PBC RISE is a program specifically designed for Patriot Boot Camp alumni who have completed an initial PBC program. MetLife Foundation contributed a grant to support the program that equips, inspires, and empowers the veteran and military spouse entrepreneur community to accelerate their businesses and be successful in life.   

At the end of the 2-day program, each participant was given the opportunity to pitch their company.  The three judges were provided by Metlife. John Bungert, Assistant Vice President, Complex Deals, Mark Hutchins, AVP, End User Services, and Lynn Digirolamo, Assistant Vice President, Procurement Contracts virtually deliberated to decide the top three winners who were awarded cash prizes.


Daniel Murphy, Founder of Oath Homecare.

Daniel is helping veterans and their families successfully navigate the challenges of aging. 

Daniel’s one piece of advice for a new entrepreneur is - Join PBC!

“Despite starting my entrepreneurial journey more than 3 years ago, I only learned of PBC in late 2020....and my only regret has been that I did not learn about you guys when I retired in 2014!  The various forums to learn about entrepreneurial topics have been phenomenal, and I have greatly appreciated the mentorship opportunities afforded via PBC. My motivation to continue

my entrepreneurial journey increases significantly after each PBC experience I have....and I feel supported by the PBC community along the way. “



Robert A. White, Founder and CEO of Sound Sustainability.

 Sound Sustainability is a MedTech company currently developing an over-the-counter, self-fitting hearing aid to help over 32 million Americans with mild to moderate hearing loss. They are focused on reimagining what a hearing aid can be to improve the quality of life for their customers.

 Robert’s one piece of advice for a new entrepreneur is - Do one thing well! The bird-in-hand principle always reminds us to start with a simple idea and do it well, instead of chasing multiple opportunities at the same time. This is a challenge for new entrepreneurs and must be understood early to help ensure their success.

 PBC has been very helpful through mentorship and providing access to partner programs. During both PBC Virtual and RISE 2021, the mentor sessions have been key in helping validate my business strategy and identify new sales channels and partnerships to secure.”


Betsey Mercado, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Objective Zero Foundation

Objective Zero is a 501(c)(3) tech nonprofit combating suicide in the military and veteran community. The Objective Zero App connects service members, veterans, their families, and caregivers to peer support and wellness resources. 

Betsey’s one piece of advice for a new entrepreneur is - Surround yourself with good people. People you can lean on for advice, mentorship, and support. Build your network and team with those that share similar values, offer new perspectives, and want to see you succeed. 

“PBC has connected me to a new network of entrepreneurs and mentors, which has been extremely valuable not only to me personally but also to my organization. We've built new partnerships with PBC alumni, received valuable insights and perspectives, and have been able to take the information provided through the PBC program to reach more veterans and increase our impact.”