It's official! We’re partnering with Google for Startups to support veterans and military spouses while pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams. Our new partnership will pair startups founded by veterans and military spouses in the Patriot Mentor Program with advisors from Google to provide product expertise throughout their entrepreneurial days.   The support that PBC alumni veterans and military spouses will get from this new Google for Startups partnership will put them heads and tails above their competition.  This is BIG news because Patriot Boot camp is one of only 50 organizations worldwide selected to participate in a closed group of Google for Startups partners to support veterans and military spouses during their small business venture!  To learn more about our new partnership click here.

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Find the Perfect Gear Rentals


I am Jeff Redmond.  An Army Combat Engineer, an Electrical Engineer, a dad, a PBC Alumni, and the CEO and Founder of Red Bear Rentals. I wanted to share a quick story about starting my business and the help the veteran community has provided!

Like many of you my story begins in the military. I spent nearly eight years traveling the world clearing bombs off the streets of Iraq and Afghanistan. It was an exciting time with a lot of ups and downs! When I was done and back at home I just wanted to relax and explore the outdoors. If I didn’t have the gear I needed I could usually count on a battle buddy to lend me theirs, or I’d swing by the MWR for a weekend rental.

Now that I am out of the Army that community is hard to find. There are neighbors everywhere but hardly any talk to each other. There are rental shops, but they are usually far away or don’t have what I need. Since I wasn’t moving every year I just went ahead and bought everything! Great, now I can’t fit my car in the garage, and I pay $200 a month for a storage unit…

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Patriot Boot Camp Announces RISE Program for Alumni

Patriot Boot Camp Seeks Veteran, Active Duty and Military Spouse Entrepreneurs 

BOULDER, COLORADO, June 17, 2019 – Patriot Boot Camp (PBC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit technology startup program exclusively aimed at active duty service members, veterans, and military spouse entrepreneurs, announced it will be hosting PBC RISE October 10-12, 2019, at the MetLife Global Technology & Operations campus in Cary, NC.  PBC RISE is a new program specifically designed for Patriot Boot Camp alumni who have completed an initial Patriot Boot Camp 3-Day Program.  MetLife Foundation contributed a $50,000 grant to support the program, that equips, inspires and empowers the veteran and military spouse entrepreneur community to accelerate their businesses and be successful in life.   

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Quick Tips & Tricks for Remote Work/ Entrepreneur Life

Just because you’ve moved away from a corporate office or military work schedule to a sunny beach, co-working space or home office as an entrepreneur doesn’t mean workplace habits go out the window. If anything, working remotely requires planning and accountability- this starts with setting your tasks and ends when the work is complete. Self-discipline can be hard. Especially if you are not in the office, with plenty of people who are buzzing around you, looking at you, and asking how’s it going?

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Announcing #PBCUTAH 3-Day Boot Camp!

Patriot Boot Camp 3-Day Entrepreneurship Program for Military Entrepreneurs is Deploying to Lehi, Utah

Are you a service member, veteran, or military spouse entrepreneur who wants to learn how to start and grow your business?  Patriot Boot Camp is a 501(c)(3) that provides 3-Day intensive entrepreneurial boot camps for members of the military, veterans and the military spouse community around the country.  MX, longtime speakers and mentors for Patriot Boot Camp, has kindly invited PBC to MX headquarters in beautiful Lehi, UT, near Salt Lake City, August 23-25, 2019. Patriot Boot Camp is presented by Techstars, the largest accelerator in the world and sponsored by USAA, Jared Polis Foundation, Google for Startups and the MetLife Foundation.  The Patriot Boot Camp programs feature world-class speakers, access to funding options, and over 35 subject matter experts providing one on one mentoring sessions.

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