Mentorship at Patriot Boot Camp

Patriot Boot Camp New York starts on April 17, 2015, and the PBC team is working hard to line up a stellar cadre of mentors for the event.


Mentorship is a foundational pillar of Patriot Boot Camp. This underlying focus on mentorship comes from the program’s roots in the Techstars network.


In 2011, David Cohen, the CEO of Techstars, published a canonical piece on mentor behavior in his Mentor Manifesto. Patriot Boot Camp borrows from this Techstars model for mentorship to maximize the impact of our 3-day events.


At each PBC event we seek a ratio of 1.5 participants to each mentor. This gives every participant the opportunity to meet with many different individuals during mentorship blocks in the program schedule. These sessions are akin to speed dating rounds.


PBC Mentorship In Action 2013


Whether a participant is in the early stages of hashing a product idea, is ready to bring a prototype to market, or is already generating revenue, a mentor can add value to their endeavors. That value can come in the form of moral support, help identifying next steps, assistance evaluating market opportunities and everything in between. Mentorship scales to all stages of entrepreneurship.


When the Patriot Boot Camp team recruits mentors, we look for the following characteristics:

  • seasoned business professionals (experience can be relatively broad)

  • expertise in some facet of the tech industry and/or entrepreneurship

  • ability to provide entrepreneurs feedback from many different points of view

There is no expectation that relationships between mentors and entrepreneurs will endure beyond the PBC event. In many cases though, we find that mentors form a lasting connection with at least one PBC participant. The factors that lead to lasting connections involve level of comfort, level of interest and ongoing needs of the entrepreneur.


Entrepreneurship is a team sport, and having good mentors is a critical component to winning!