Google Trailblazers


The International Language of ‘Entrepreneurship’ 

 Patriot Boot Camp Attends the Google For Startups Trailblazers Conference

The Patriot Boot Camp team recently attended the Google For Startup’s partnership program, Trailblazers, at their beautiful conference center, The Grove, in San Francisco, California.  Patriot Boot Camp is honored to be chosen as one of 50 partners from over 150 countries.  

Sherri, Danya and I were so excited to meet our fellow partners.  As a brand new partner this year, Patriot Boot Camp was recognized as Nooglers - ‘Brand New Google Partners.’ We were given the Google hat that many of you might recognize from the movie ‘Internship’ - and we wore them proudly.    

Noogler Hats from Trailblazer

Google truly rolled out the red carpet for all of us with fantastic sessions, food, and more food.  We were also able to choose unique experiences, such as; yoga, leadership classes, and hiking in the redwoods to help further network with our fellow entrepreneurs from around the world. 

We ended one of the evenings with a Google ‘camp’ experience, roasting s'mores and singing around the campfire.  It was so fun to teach some of our new international friends how to make ‘American s'mores.’ 

Throughout the three days, there were so many new relationships formed and actionable takeaways that we can apply to Patriot Boot Camp and in our personal lives. 

For me, the most compelling interaction wasn’t on the schedule.  I sat down to lunch with a few other women and we started chatting about our programs and how we serve our communities.  It was one of the most incredible conversations I have ever had in my life - a real ‘blink’ moment. 

It’s the first time I had ever had a conversation with international entrepreneurs.  While I always thought I had a broad view of entrepreneurship because Patriot Boot Camp serves a global military community, I discovered that my viewpoint is microscopic.  

These global women entrepreneurs are not only battling the same entrepreneurship barriers we are in America, but many of them are also fighting a daily war on their own front doorsteps. Real war.

They are also battling century-long culture norms that do not support women entrepreneurs.  These women are not only pioneering the path for women entrepreneurs in their country, but they are also continually educating families and the Government on why it’s a smart move culturally and economically for their daughters to pursue entrepreneurship.  

Many of these women I talked with are not trying to use entrepreneurship as a way out of their country, but as a way to build up a new culture of acceptance for women entrepreneurs. 

It made me think about how hard entrepreneurship is, yet, I never have to worry about constant war in my backyard or an entire culture that does not support female entrepreneurs.  I do not have to create a new trail for fellow women entrepreneurs. Phenomenal American entrepreneurs, both men, and women have already created the path for us. 

During this lunch, I know I met true women pioneers who are blazing this new trail for their countries. When I got home, I shared this story and photo with my 17-year-old daughter.  I later saw that she had posted the photo below to her own Instagram account. These women are genuinely influencing the path of entrepreneurship for all of our daughters around the world.  

Jen and International Nooglers from Trailblazers

Pictured - Left to right:  Rand S., Program Officer, Gaza Sky Geeks, Gaza City, Palestine, Damilola T., Director, CcHub, Lagos, Nigeria, Silvia F., Community Manager, Talent Garden, Milan, Italy, Jen P., CEO, Patriot Boot Camp, Boulder, Colorado

It is so exciting that Patriot Boot Camp can be part of this international journey of entrepreneurs who are changing the world. It was such an honor to meet them, talk with them, and continue to support them.  

Thank you, Google for Startups for inviting Patriot Boot Camp to Trailblazers and accepting us as a Google for Startups Partner. It was amazing to connect with people from around the world who all share the same language and passion for entrepreneurship.  

Group shot at Trailblazers