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I am Jeff Redmond.  An Army Combat Engineer, an Electrical Engineer, a dad, a PBC Alumni, and the CEO and Founder of Red Bear Rentals. I wanted to share a quick story about starting my business and the help the veteran community has provided!

Like many of you my story begins in the military. I spent nearly eight years traveling the world clearing bombs off the streets of Iraq and Afghanistan. It was an exciting time with a lot of ups and downs! When I was done and back at home I just wanted to relax and explore the outdoors. If I didn’t have the gear I needed I could usually count on a battle buddy to lend me theirs, or I’d swing by the MWR for a weekend rental.

Now that I am out of the Army that community is hard to find. There are neighbors everywhere but hardly any talk to each other. There are rental shops, but they are usually far away or don’t have what I need. Since I wasn’t moving every year I just went ahead and bought everything! Great, now I can’t fit my car in the garage, and I pay $200 a month for a storage unit…

Time to fix the rental community problem! The idea didn’t really start with the popular writing on the back of a paper napkin while enjoying a beer scenario. Instead for me it was writing ideas on Post-It notes on the back of a milk bottle at 3AM while feeding our newborn baby. It was scribbling financial figures on graph paper in between Electrical Engineering exams. It came with sleep deprived joking with my wife while we combined our last name with our baby’s nickname to create “Red Bear Rentals”!

While working to fine tune my ideas I quickly realized how many resources were out there for Veterans. It all started in 2018 with Patriot Boot Camp in Denver. With just three days of events and networking I was able to get help narrowing down the business model and finding contacts for follow-ups. Next thing I knew I was talking to people at a Bunker Brews event and soon after I was part of a tribe of another great nationwide veteran entrepreneur group, WeWork Veterans in Residence, Powered by Bunker Labs. At the same time I was accepted to the Salute Colorado program full of other high performing Veterans.

With all this veteran community support I have been able to create YOUR sharing economy rental marketplace, Red Bear Rentals. A place where anyone can run their own rental shop right from home, business, or vacation rental. A place to open your garage and lend a ladder or power tool to a neighbor for a couple hours or share the bike in your basement. A place to arrange to leave your canoe and fishing gear at the Airbnb so that the gear needed for a weekend of relaxing is already waiting when the guest gets to the vacation rental. A place to find the gear you need to get out, explore, and enjoy life!

Please support me in this journey by signing up on www.RedBear.Rentals and sharing your gear when you aren’t using it. Share it with your friends and neighbors to help the gear rental sharing economy grow! Shoot me a message any time at Jeff@RedBear.Rentals to bounce some of your own ideas around and learn more about some of the great programs that have helped me.

Jeff is an Army Combat Engineer Veteran, an Electrical Engineer, and the founder of Red Bear Rentals. He spent eight years in the U.S. Army traveling the world and clearing bombs off the roads in Iraq and Afghanistan. After the Army he went to school and graduated from the University of Colorado, Denver with a BS in Electrical Engineering. After graduation he used his skills and education to start a new company, Red Bear Rentals, to help make it easier for everyone to find and share the gear they need to get out, explore, and enjoy life.  Jeff is Denver 2019 PBC alum.