Education At Patriot Boot Camp

Patriot Boot Camp in Detroit starts on October 23, 2015 and the PBC team is working hard to lineup a great group of educators and presenters.


Education is a foundational pillar of Patriot Boot Camp.


For each Patriot Boot Camp we bring in approximately 30 professionals to present about startup, product, business development and finance topics. Each Patriot Boot Camp is unique in the sense that we never have exactly the same lineup of speakers or the same order of presentations.



Dave Drach of Techstars expertly presenting on business development at PBC.


The PBC team spends a lot of time before each event getting to know every presenter and vetting their experience through phone calls and email exchanges. We pride ourselves on running a high caliber program, and the wrong presenter or the wrong message (for instance, promoting a multi level marketing program) could detract from our focus on delivering a quality experience.


Below is a list of topics we seek to cover at each Patriot Boot Camp.


Patriot Boot Camp Experience

  • The PBC alumni perspective

  • How to build mentor relationships

  • Where to go after Patriot Boot Camp

Product Topics

  • What problem are you solving?

  • Early stage product validation and product/market fit

  • Building and growing your product

  • Product design and user experience

Startup Topics

  • How to pitch your idea/product/startup

  • The importance of cofounders and mistakes to avoid

  • How to build company culture for a scalable business

  • Startup marketing and business development

  • Lean Startup methodology and Business Model Canvas

  • Legal advice for early stage companies

  • Community resources (incubators, accelerators, etc)

Finance Topics

  • Business models - how will you make money?

  • Business growth and capital solutions

  • Metrics, costs and capital efficiencies