Google Trailblazers


The International Language of ‘Entrepreneurship’ 

 Patriot Boot Camp Attends the Google For Startups Trailblazers Conference

The Patriot Boot Camp team recently attended the Google For Startup’s partnership program, Trailblazers, at their beautiful conference center, The Grove, in San Francisco, California.  Patriot Boot Camp is honored to be chosen as one of 50 partners from over 150 countries.  

Sherri, Danya and I were so excited to meet our fellow partners.  As a brand new partner this year, Patriot Boot Camp was recognized as Nooglers - ‘Brand New Google Partners.’ We were given the Google hat that many of you might recognize from the movie ‘Internship’ - and we wore them proudly.    

Google truly rolled out the red carpet for all of us with fantastic sessions, food, and more food.  We were also able to choose unique experiences, such as; yoga, leadership classes, and hiking in the redwoods to help further network with our fellow entrepreneurs from around the world. 

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