Q and A with PBC Alum John Chapman, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer for Liberty Dynamic

John Chapman serves as Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer for Liberty Dynamic.

Throughout 14 years of defense related service, John developed in depth knowledge regarding tactical weapons and an aptitude for developing technologies that enhance the effectiveness of tactical officers' missions. Having lost friends and colleagues in the line of duty, John has an intimate knowledge of the impact inferior products can have in kinetic environments. John is intensely focused and driven to overcome the operational deficiencies of tools affecting safety. Providing the highest and best tactical advantage is always in his crosshairs. The Liberty Dynamic Diversion device solves uses a powerful and efficient airburst technology that mitigates secondary frag, fire, and smoke. 

Why did you attend PBC Denver in October 2018?
PBC came highly recommended as a resource to establish mentors and learn from other Veteran Entrepreneurs. As a startup in the physical product space, I was hopeful to align with experts who had varied professional backgrounds and were able to provide perspective as well.

Tell us about your military service.
I was a Marine, and served within the Reconnaissance Community. After the Marines, I spent 10 years in the Middle East as a defense contractor supporting wartime/peacekeeping efforts.

What did you get out of the mentor sessions?
The perspective gained through the mentor sessions was brilliant. Rapid fire conversations fueled my desire to think outside the box and pursue avenues I had yet to think of. I have travelled to other states to meet with my mentors for follow up collaboration.

Did you have goals after you left PBC?
I set goals every day! My intent was to connect and stay connected with my mentors.

Have you made or implemented any changes/new ideas/pivots/employees etc. since PBC?
Not everything has to be done by yourself—there are people out there that want to see you succeed with no strings attached. PBC provided access to people genuinely excited and supportive of my professional success.

What are your goals going forward?
Increase the landscape of how non-lethal weapons are used in Law Enforcement and Military endeavors worldwide.

You can check out Liberty Dynamic here! Thanks, John!