Now the Real Work Begins! Here's Your Post #PBCATX To-Do List

Have you caught your breath yet after an amazing weekend in Texas? Attending Patriot Boot Camp in Austin is just the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey or if you were already in it, it’s certainly a kick in the a** to get stuff done. Either way, making the most out of the weekend means you’ve got to tackle some post-weekend do-outs.

A few suggestions:

Connect: Gather that pile of business cards and grab your computer. Start connecting with folks on social media. Even if you didn’t have a chance to meet at PBC, it’s all about networking. Don’t forget mentors, too. Consider setting up coffee or drinks with speakers, mentors, or ‘treps who live near you. Go big, and launch a once a quarter meeting with alumni.

And of course, whenever you are reaching out to new connections, be sure and add Patriot Boot Camp connection (or some version) in the subject line or in the LinkedIn message body. We don’t want our hard work to end up in the spam folder!

Give back: You got a ton out of the weekend, certainly. Advice, contacts, inspiration (Brandon from MX … am I right!) and more. Did you meet someone who you think might benefit from a connection of yours? Or perhaps you came across a useful article that a new friend might like. Or maybe you recognize one of your skills might come in handy at a friend’s company. Pass it on. It’s great to keep the buzz going with folks you met and that means YOU have to take action, too.

Level set: If you one of those ‘treps who set goals for the weekend or made a list of a people you wanted to meet or solicit advice, it’s time to level set. Did you follow through on an objective or miss a chance to chat with someone important? That’s ok. Take this time to review what you still need to do and then get to work. 

Get on Slack: The PBC Slack channel is an awesome resource. Just last week, Melissa Pros (a super awesome PBC alum) posted about a $30,000 grant for Veteran entrepreneurs. Um, who couldn’t use 30k? It’s a great place to reach out for quick advice or a contact name and we love it when people share wins! Introduce yourself to the group when you sign up. Click here to sign up!

Flex: There’s that word again. (my teenage daughter would be so proud). Do not be afraid to share your wins with your new family. We will use that energy during times when we are facing “The Wall of NO!”

Follow us on social: We use our social channels to share useful and important information. And tag us in your posts, too. We want you to leverage our audience … really we do!

And of course, watch for announcements about our next PBC in Utah in August.