New Year's Resolutions for Startups

The holidays are over. Christmas trees are being left on curbs for recycling, New Year’s revelries are over, thank you notes are being penned, kids are back in school (three cheers from all parents!) and it’s back to work for most folks. 

During all the chaos of the season, did you stop and think about your 2019 objectives?  New Year’s is a great time to set a few goals and plan for an awesome year ahead, like more sleep, more quality time with family, and more yoga. What else can we all do to turn the year of the pig into a banner one! Are you a stalwart who sticks to it or do you need some inspo? Liz Deering, PBC mentor and co-founder of The Un.Inc., recommends you start by checking in with yourself.

“Ask yourself if you have set personal goals that help you stay healthy and motivated,” said Deering. “This might be as simple as a re-commitment to the gym, or alone time you need to block off for yourself.”

Like my mother who always seemed to have a few for my brother, father, and I, we have a few others for you!

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Rock your Pitch! Have you worked on your pitch recently? Chloe Kettell, Co-founder and CEO of PolyPort, a 3D asset protection platform iterates on her pitch all the time. Is it time to re-tool it or add some graphics? Just say no to clip art and instead, choose a retro-inspired design or colorful product displays.

Declutter! Too much stuff has been shown to negatively impact mental well-being and is also closely linked with procrastination. Will McKenna from Barokas PR said it’s high-time he takes this advice to heart.

“My work resolution this year was to start by organizing my inbox and de-cluttering,” said McKenna, who also suggests folks reach out to mentors, or previous co-workers/clients, for a coffee to reconnect.

Connect and communicate! No news is worse than bad news, especially when it comes to communicating with your investors. Mentor Steve Meyer says that unfortunately, mind-reading is not on his resume. “Mentors want to know how they can help but it’s up to the founder to communicate that,” said Meyer. The same holds true with prospects and customers.  “Most everyone understands the need to communicate when developing sales but don’t forget about customer service after the sale,” said Meyer.  “It is always cheaper to 
retain a customer and develop them into a referral resource than it is to find a new customer.”

Reflect. Bill Gates is famously NOT big on New Year’s Resolutions. “Although I have never been one for New Year’s resolutions, I have always been committed to setting clear goals and making plans to achieve them,” wrote Gates in a recent blog post. “As I get older, these two things look more and more like the same exercise.” 

“So I am making a resolution for 2019. I am committing to learn and think about two key areas where technology has the potential to make an enormous impact on the quality of our lives, but also raises complex ethical and social considerations,” wrote Gates.

John Hrivnak, Director, Investment Funds & Venture Acceleration for Rev1 Ventures has a similar suggestion.

“Spend 5 minutes once a day thinking about your “Why,’” said Hrivnak. “Why is your business important? Why do you believe in it? Why should someone else believe in it?”

The Patriot Boot Camp team wishes all of you success this year and we look forward to continue sharing all the awesome news and updates from you!