Success Story: Ian Folau and GitLinks

Ian Folau needed to get out of the bubble he had been in since coming up with a business idea. He had a great team in New York and was iterating on his product but realized that in order to grab a broader national audience, he needed to meet other like-minded entrepreneurs and get insight from experts. But how and where?

Folau was also struggling to decide on his company’s target market. An identity crisis of sorts. Was GitLinks a legal compliance or security company?

“I needed executive level experts to show me where I would get the biggest bang for my buck,” said Folau, a former Army Intelligence Officer.

“I applied to the San Antonio Patriot Boot Camp and when I arrived, I immediately felt refreshed,” said Folau. “I realized that I missed interacting with other veterans that speak my same language.”

Besides that, mentors “did not tap dance around,” said Folau. Specifically, mentors Dan Cornell, Brandon Shelton, and Ethan Dietrich and fellow boot campers helped the entrepreneur with expectation management, company vision, goals, and ways to prepare for and how to react accordingly to what is known as The Wall of No. Those and other lessons came in handy many times since Folau attend the first PBC and then again after he attended his second Texas weekend, particularly when he was looking for a buyer for GitLinks, a SaaS-based cybersecurity management platform.

“I’m a problem solver,” said Folau. “I find ways to build a solution but I don’t want to run the companies after that.”

It worked. GitLinks was recently acquired by Infor, an enterprise software provider.

Since PBC, Folau said he stayed in touch with members of the cohort and several mentors calling them, “his people.”

“They are supportive of my success but hold me accountable,” said Folau. “The connections will last a lifetime.”

Folau is also a Bunker Labs City Lead in Austin where he relocated with his wife and five children. And he’s serving as a mentor for the February PBC in his hometown.

“The experience was so revealing and helpful,” said Folau. “There are a lot of barriers to entry when it comes to entrepreneurship but PBC helps you work through them.”